Magma Bots

Magma Bots

Welcome to the future of trading

At Magma, we take quality assurance very seriously.

Before we introduce any new features or options to our customers, we put them through a rigorous verification and testing process to ensure their reliability and functionality. Our team of experts meticulously scrutinizes every aspect of our products to identify any potential issues or flaws, and we do not release anything until we are confident that it meets our high standards of excellence.

If we wouldn't trade with it, then we don't put it on this platform.

Magma Shield

Win Rate: 95-100%
Avg Hold Time: 30m
Average Monthly Gain: 10-15%

Magma Fury

Win Rate: 95-100%+
Avg Hold Time: 15m
Average Monthly Gain: 30-50%

Magma Elite

Win Rate
Hold Time
Average Monthly Gain
Master trade to Slave works! Issues for tomorrow: 1. Subscription page still has layout issues 2. Highlight of each menu item has a small Pink highlight to the left of it.